Mac isn’t packaging its quick charger with every one of the 14-inch MacBook Pro models sent off recently, but rather selling it as an extra frill. It divulged the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models at a virtual occasion, and new insights concerning packaged chargers have been disclosed on the Apple site. 

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The Cupertino goliath has two kinds of force connectors for the 14-inch MacBook Pro. Certain models have a 67W USBC power connector, though the better-quality models group a 96W connector. Then again, the 16-inch MacBook Pro models generally accompany packaged with a 140W USB-C power connector in the case.

The 14-inch MacBook Pro models with an M1 Pro chip with a 10core CPU or any M1 Max chip, then again, come packaged with the 96W USB-C connector.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro models in all arrangements accompany a 140W packaged quick charging connector inside the crate. Apple affirmed to The Verge that the 140W charging block utilizes the USB-C Power Delivery 3.1 norm. This implies that the new connector will be cross-viable with different gadgets that utilize a similar power conveyance.

The 140W USB-C connector is sold independently also and costs $99 in the US. Apple asserts that this link likewise empowers 0 to 50 percent charge in close to 30 minutes.

Mac MacBook Pro (2021) cost begins at $1,999 in the US. The models depend on the organization’s new silicon called the all-new M1 Pro and M1 Max. It swears off the Touch Bar and brings back an SDXC card opening as well as an HDMI port.

Assuming you need to swap the charger for your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro, then, at that point, you must find the right one for your specific machine as dissimilar to the iPhone’s one-size-fits-all lightning link, chargers fluctuate between Apple’s MacBook range.

Better quality models of the new 13-inch MacBook Pro divulged for this present week can exploit higher-wattage power connectors, as uncovered in administrative marks for the new machines.

Macintosh’s 13-inch MacBook Pro models have been sent with a 61-watt USB-C power connector beginning around 2016, with the machines normally evaluated to draw at that limit of 20.3 volts and 3 amps. You’ve for quite some time had the option to securely utilize higher-wattage power connectors, yet the greatest power draw stays covered by the actual machine, so it won’t charge any quicker.

USB-C Charge Cable: To charge your MacBook Pro, interface one finish of the USB-C Charge Cable to any Thunderbolt port on your MacBook Pro, and the opposite finish to the 61W USB-C Power Adapter.

61W USB-C Power Adapter: After the power connector is associated, completely expand the electrical prongs on the AC and endlessly plug the connector into an AC electrical plug.

Naturally, fire up your MacBook Pro. Interface your 61W USB-C Power Adapter and USB-C Charge Cable and lift the top and contact any key to turn on and fire up your MacBook Pro. Sign in and get right to work.

Will some unacceptable charger harm my MacBook?

If you’re purchasing an authority MacBook charger from Apple, you can have confidence that picking some unacceptable sort won’t hurt any of your gadgets.

While there is an assortment accessible, going from 29/30W up to 87W, the more remarkable ones won’t over-burden your machine or influence your battery. They additionally won’t make your MacBook charge any quicker than ordinary, so don’t think purchasing the top power rating will give you quick charging capacities.

One thing to look out for in purchasing a unit that is appraised excessively low for your gadget. On the off chance that you ought to do as such, you’ll find that it won’t charge your gadget by any stretch of the imagination.

Take a look at your link

Before you supplant the whole power charger it should, in all seriousness check assuming the link you’re utilizing is the right evaluation for your gadget. Starting from the presentation of USB-C chargers, the links have been discrete from the principal connector, and as such, they could be stirred up more without any problem.

Official Apple links will have the words ‘Planned by Apple in California. Gathered in China’ imprinted on them. Close to these will likewise be an alpha-numeric chronic number that signifies to which charger they have a place.


The Apple Mac Book Pro Charger is an adaptable charger, with an eight-foot string and various ports. It can likewise be utilized as a power connector for your telephone or tablet

Know, notwithstanding, that while any USB-C PD-agreeable connector can convey capacity to the new MacBooks Pro, those under a specific wattage will dial back the battery channel, instead of charging it.

That relies upon the MacBook Pro you own. More established MacBook Pros that utilize an exclusive attractive charging link have only one charging port. You’ll realize you’ve tracked down it when the link fits properly.

More current MacBook Pros use USB-C for charging, so any port will work.